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    Projects & Games

    Coin Pusher Pro

    Coin Pusher Pro is a complete game kit for making your own arcade-style coin pusher game.

    It comes completely ready to go. It is fully featured and ready to run on all platforms, out of the box.

    Claw Machine Pro

    Claw Machine Pro is a complete game kit that will let you build your own Claw Machine within minutes!

    Claw Machine Pro comes ready to go right out of the box for you to get started quickly!

    Scene Shot Manager

    Scene Shot Manager allows you to bookmark any shot in your scene to quickly return to later!
    Using Scene Shot Manager will help you decrease design time by allowing you to quickly jump between shots using fast keyboard shortcuts or the click of a button!

    Unity Assets


    NOTHING TO SEE HERE  was created during the Community Game Jam
    You are working a UFO crash site and you need to gather the wreckage and convince the witnesses that there is nothing to see here.

    Treasure Hunter

    Treasure Hunter was created during the VR-Jam-2020.

    In this fun treasure hunt experience you can search for and dig up hidden treasures using your Three-in-one Treasure Hunting Metal Detector - 3THMD!

    Treasure Hunter supports the Oculus Rift / Rift S / Quest with Link!